Thefts from Construction Sites
Problem: Theft of copper wire or other unsecured material from construction sites.

Recommended course of action:

1. Request problem analysis from crime analysts on highest risk places, times, and types of locations. Also request information on high risk scrap shops nearby.

2. Meet with place-managers at the site to work together on target hardening, including signage, secured fencing, cameras, etc. (See refreshers on Situational Crime Prevention and CPTED).

3. Partner with the detectives unit to push for investigative resources into scrap shops.

4. Increase targeted, intermittent, and unpredictable patrols in high-crime locations. See High-Crime Areas (“Hot Spots”) strategies.

5. Apply specific suggestions on addressing this problem using the POP Center’s Problem-Oriented Approach (PDF).

In an effort to provide helpful suggestions in areas that have not yet been fully studied or evaluated, we have included ideas for responses and activities that may not yet be considered evidence-based or evidence-informed. Therefore, not all actions and strategies included within this App are evidence-based or evidence-informed.