Theft from Autos
Problem: Persistent larcenies from automobiles (tags, car parts, items inside of the vehicle) in specific, consistent places or areas.

Numerous approaches have been tried to reduce larceny from vehicles. Research supports a few:

1. A hot spots approach to increased guardianship in specific hot spots of larceny from automobiles, using High-Crime Areas (“Hot Spots”) strategies and targeting those tactics during the specific times of night/early morning when thefts are most prevalent.

2. Strengthening partnerships with place managers to help guard places. See Partnerships for Prevention for examples of place managers.

3. Improved use of CCTV in an area, with signage warning offenders about the use of CCTV.

4. Targeting victims and offenders by 1) identifying them through crime reports and 2) making direct contact with them. Victims could be provided with suggestions to target harden (see Refresher on Situational Crime Prevention), while offenders could be notified of increased guardianship.

In an effort to provide helpful suggestions in areas that have not yet been fully studied or evaluated, we have included ideas for responses and activities that may not yet be considered evidence-based or evidence-informed. Therefore, not all actions and strategies included within this App are evidence-based or evidence-informed.